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Patanjali Amla Aloevera Wheatgrass Juice, 500ml


Amla Aloe Vera wheatgrass juice helps to improve natural immune system. It improves digestion and useful for better heart health. It also helps in weight loss.

Patanjali Amla Juice


Amla juice contains Vitamin C, good for Health, Eyes & Skin Related Problems.

Patanjali Apple Vinegar, 500ml


Resolve stomach problems, Soothes sore throat, Brings down cholesterol, Beats sinus, Boosts energy, Useful in heart diseases.

Patanjali Arjun Amla Juice, 500ml

Patanjali Arjun Amla Juice is a combination of Arjuna Bark and Amla Juice and is a natural source of vitamin C.

Patanjali Jamun Sirka, 800 ml


Made with finest quality of Jamun fruit pulp (jamun guda) which is very effective in hyperglycemia, diarrhea, weakness of digestive system and urine problems

Patanjali Karela Amla Juice, 500ml

Useful in hyperglycemia, intestinal worms, ulcer, anemia, gout, jaundice, urinary discharges, flatulence & blood purification.

Patanjali Khus Sharbat, 750ml


Useful in loss of energy, hyperacidity and burning sensation in urine