Biscuits & Chocolates

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Patanjali Aarogya Multi Grain Biscuits


Patanjali aarogya multi-grain biscuits are packed with nutrition of various grains

Patanjali Amla Chatpata Candy


Patanjali Amla Chatpata Candy product having benefits of Amla with a different taste which tickle your taste buds.

Patanjali Bel Candy, 500 Gm


Helps to improve strength of digestive system. Helps to improve liver function. 

Patanjali Butter Cookies


Patanjali Butter Cookies are perfectly baked with the right amount of crispness that they soften in your mouth.

Patanjali Cashew Cookies

Patanjali cashew cookies are made from cow's milk butter and 100% whole wheat atta which is full of fiber and easy to digest.

Patanjali Creamfeast Chocolate Biscuit


Patanjali Creamfeast Chocolate Biscuit is a cream filled sandwich cookies which has zero percent maida.

Patanjali Crunchy Coconut Cookies


Patanjali nariyal biscuit is a crunchy mix of coconut baked in golden whole wheat flour.

Patanjali Doodh Biscuit


Patanjali natural doodh biscuits are 100% atta biscuits that are enriched with more fiber.

Patanjali Gulkhand, 400 Gms

Divya Gulkand or rose petal jam is a sweet Indian delicacy. It is easy to prepare and is listed under

Patanjali Jeera Cookies


 Patanjali Jeera Cookies are made from the cumin/jeera seeds.

Patanjali Marie Biscuit


Patanjali Marie Biscuit is crisp and light biscuit made with 100% whole wheat atta.