OTC MEdicines

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Abhay Jambavasava Syrup


Regular consumption of this herbal supplement will help control blood sugar and detox body.

Abhay Medari Tablets

Abhay Medari Tablets It’s an easy way to stay Active & get a Slim-Fit Light weight body for a Healthy & Better life.

Amrut Malam, 25Gm


Amrut Malam Useful for cracks on Heels,Foot,Hand,Skin Due to Cold. Dryness of the Skin.

Apsara Roghan Sukoon Massage Oil


Apsara Roghan Sukoon Massage Oil is made up of herbal ingredients that provides effective massage and relaxation to the body.

Ashwin Acetone, 400Ml

Ashwin Acetone nail polish remover, paint remover, and varnish remover.

Ashwin Castor Oil ( Erandel Tel )


Ashwin Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Castor oil penetrates deep into the skin, softens and hydrates Skin.

Ayush Jai Kajal


Keeps The Eyes cool, healthy, clears vision and soothtired eyes.

B-TEX Super Ointment, 12gm


RVP B-Tex Ointment is a powerful ayurvedic combination of germicide, bacteriocidal, eschorotic, antiseptic, anesthetic and anti pruritic.

Baidyanath Guduchyadi (Giloy) Ghan Bati

Baidyanath Guduchyadi (Giloy) Ghan Bati Helps To Boost Immunity.

Baidyanath Gulkand Enriched With Prawal, 200gm


Baidyanath Gulkand detoxifies the body and has cooling effects to reduce internal heat during summers.

Baidyanath Honey


 Honey is known to help in weight loss and getting purified skin, consuming honey regularly can protect you from a cough and cold.

Baidyanath Jatyadi Tel


Baidyanath Jatyadi Tel is an ayurvedic herbal oil that is used to treat various types of external wounds.