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Dabur Kuamaryasava

Dabur Kumaryasava is an ayurvedic medicine that is used in the treatment of urinary tract disorders, gastritis, abdominal distention, constipation, bloating, liver problems, loss of appetite, respiratory conditions such as cough, cold, etc

Jaswant (Hibiscus) Powder 100gms


Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Anti-bacterial, Menstrual pain, Weight loss, Preventing cancer.

Kapiva BP Care Juice 1L


Ayurvedic Juice for Curbing Hypertension with 10 Potent Herbs

Mahida’s Kalonji Oil


Kalonji Is a Very Powerful Herb Which Is Beneficial For Many Problem.

Methi Powder 100gms


Diabetes, Improve milk production, Weight loss, Boost sperm count, Inflammation, Pain relief, Blood Pressure.