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Abhay Jambavasava Syrup


Regular consumption of this herbal supplement will help control blood sugar and detox body.

Abhay Medari Tablets

Abhay Medari Tablets It’s an easy way to stay Active & get a Slim-Fit Light weight body for a Healthy & Better life.

Baidyanath Laxmivilas Ras


Baidyanath Laxmivilas Ras benefits in cold cough and also helps get relief from fever.

Kapiva Aloe Vera + Amla Juice 1L


Natural Skin Rejuvination, Boosts Immunity, Helps in Weight Management

Kapiva Noni Juice


Rich in Antioxidants | Natural Detoxifier

Kapiva Wheatgrass Juice 1L


Herbal Supplement to Help Detoxify the Liver, Cleanse the Digestive System, and Purify Blood

Patanjali Liv-Amrit Syrup, 200ml

Patanjali Ayurveda Liv-Amrit Syrup is a powerful herbal syrup which is very useful for better health of liver.

Vitro Triphala Powder 100 Gm


Mixture of Baheda, Amla and Harde, it is one of the oldest known ayurvedic formula to promote digestion and maintain healthy cholestrol level.