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Baidyanath Laxmivilas Ras


Baidyanath Laxmivilas Ras benefits in cold cough and also helps get relief from fever.

Dabur Amritarishta

Dabur Amritarishta Syrup is used in the treatment of chronic fever, typhoid fever and other infectious diseases.

Dabur Ayush-64 Tablet

Dabur Ayush-64 Tablet useful in the treatment of asymptomatic, mild and moderate viral infection.

Dabur Mahasudarshan Kwath Kadha

Dabur Mahasudarshan Kwath Kadha is an ayurvedic home remedy to fight flu and infections.Its a decoction of edible herbs and spices.It is beneficial in enhancing your immunity.It helps in treating fever , cough and cold.

Dhootapapeshwar Mahasudarshan Kadha 450ml

Dhootapapeshwar Mahasudarshan Kadha Is An Ayurvedic Home Remedy To Fight Flu And Infections.

Divya Patanjali Dashmool Kwath

Beneficial in all fevers, gastric troubles and female related diseases.

IMC Shri Haldi

Beneficial In The Cases Of Common Cold, Influenza And Cough.