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Patanjali Beauty Cream, 50 Gms

Patanjali beauty cream, a unique blend of herbs, oils and vitamins that enhance the beauty and glow of skin. It

Sri Netra Eye Drops 5ml


Sri Sri Tattva Sri Netra protects your eyes from dust, pollution, and dirt and keeps them feeling fresh and clear.

Sri Sri Almond & Honey Soap

Sri Sri Tattva' Almond & Honey Soap with pure Almond Oil and Honey, is specially formulated to give your skin its moisture and glow.

Sri Sri Aloe Vera Triphala Juice, 500Ml

Aloe Vera Triphala juice is rich with the goodness of the miracle plant Aloe Vera, Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki.

Sri Sri Anti Acne Face Wash

Sri Sri Tattva Anti Acne Face Wash is a herbal formulation that helps fight acne.

Sri Sri Anti Acne Gel

This gel helps heal pimples, acne, blackheads and helps reduce scars and dark spots.