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Kapiva Kashmiri Kesar, 1Gm


Supports glowing skin, Provides mood support, Improves immunity and weight.

Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit, 20Gm


Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit provides the goodness of Shilajit, sourced from the higher altitude of the Himalayan mountains.

Kapiva Virgin Coconut Oil

Kapiva Virgin Coconut Oil used as a dietary supplement, this oil can provide good fats to the body.

Kapiva Pure Aloe Vera Hydrating Face Gel, 150 Gm

Kapiva Pure Aloe Vera Hydrating Face Gelprotects the skin from pimples, acne, wrinkles and treats sun damage.

Kapiva Chyawanprash (500g)


For Immunity and Daily Wellness, with Organic Ghee,Raw Honey and 40+ Herbs | For Kids and Adults

Kapiva Immune Care Juice 1L


11 Immune-booster herbs in 1 Ayurvedic Juice

Kapiva BP Care Juice 1L


Ayurvedic Juice for Curbing Hypertension with 10 Potent Herbs

Kapiva Ayurveda Artho Sure Juice 1L


Joint Pain Relief | Ashwagandha, Rasna, Kutki, Guduchi and other herbs

Kapiva Digesti Care Juice 1L


Provides Relief From Acidity & Bloating | Blend of 5 Ayurvedic Herbs to Aid Digestion

Kapiva Period Care Juice 1L


5 Ayurvedic Herbs for Treating Irregular Periods | Shatavari, Lodhra and Noni and more help balance hormones, regularize cycles and address PCOS/PCOD