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Baidyanath Gulkand Enriched With Prawal, 200gm


Baidyanath Gulkand detoxifies the body and has cooling effects to reduce internal heat during summers.

Dabur Honey (No Sugar )

Dabur Honey has various health benefits. It helps in improving digestion and metabolism.

Himalayan Natives Cow Ghee, 500Ml

Made from the milk of free-range cows that graze exclusively on mineral-rich grass, herbs, our 100% Natural Original Cow Ghee

Patanjali Aarogya Multi Grain Biscuits


Patanjali aarogya multi-grain biscuits are packed with nutrition of various grains

Patanjali Barley ( Jau) Dalia, 500 Gm

Keeps Blood Sugar 20-30 % lower than normal grains. It helps in maintaining Cholesterol level. Helps in Weight loss.

Patanjali Besan, 500Gm


Patanjali Besan is prepared by the high quality of grams.

Patanjali Black Pepper Whole, 100Gm


It helps to improve your stomach's ability to digest foods and promotes intestinal health.

Patanjali Bura Sugar ,1Kg


Patanjali bura sugar processed from best quality of sugarcane.

Patanjali Butter Cookies


Patanjali Butter Cookies are perfectly baked with the right amount of crispness that they soften in your mouth.

Patanjali Cashew Cookies

Patanjali cashew cookies are made from cow's milk butter and 100% whole wheat atta which is full of fiber and easy to digest.

Patanjali Chaat Masala ,100Gm

Chaat is a racy blend that gives a wild and lively tweak to the well-worn taste of Salads, Sandwiches, and on fruits chaats.